Get Organized, Stay Organized. Book Review of “Getting Things Done”.

One of the biggest challenges to students and professionals everywhere is finding the time to study. There are always multiple interests competing for your time, energy and focus. The key to being effective is creating an organizational system that you can “Set and forget”.
David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, teaches you how to setup that system for yourself.
Allen starts by focusing you on first getting an understanding of all your open loops. Those loose threads that weigh on your mind, adding stress to your life as you struggle to keep them all in memory. He stresses the importance of identifying and documenting them.

Once this collection is complete he moves on to categorizing every project. What needs action? What are you waiting on action from others for? What can simply be filed or thrown away?

You will be astounded when you pile everything up into categories and realize how much you’ve been worrying about simply doesn’t need your focus. Because you haven’t recorded it in a way you have confidence will let you be successful.

Lastly, Allen will show you how to create a process to periodically review all of your open loops so your trust in the system will go up. This is the key that will allow you to let go of all of the things you are holding in memory and free up all the psychic weight that pressing down on you.

I can’t recommend this book more highly. If you understand it and apply it in your life and studies it will transform your productivity and lead to much lower levels of stress.

Happy Reading!

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