Want super human memory? Flashcards baby!

If you’re a user of CoolFlashcards.com or a user of traditional flashcards you already know just how effective they can be.  But do you know why?  Why are flashcards so effective in helping you remember all the facts and figures you need to recall to pass your upcoming quiz/text/exam?

This post, The Top 3 Reasons Why Flashcards Are So Effective, lays out the details as to how flashcards engage your brain to plug in the information you are studying for easy recall.

It basically breaks down to this:  you are calling on your brain to remember the answer when you study with flashcards, you are evaluating yourself each time you verify your answer vs. the answer on the back of the card, and finally, flashcards allow for easy repetition in studying your topics.

So what do these do for you?

Active Recall

When you demand that your brain recall an answer to a question you are reading you are telling it that this answer is important.  The information will then be stored in a way that your brain can most efficiently and accurately recall it.  This beats simply reading or reviewing information.  Instead of being input only you are teaching yourself how to recall this information as you study.


When you turn the card over you are confirming whether or not your recall of the answer was correct.  This brief test of yourself gets you thinking about how you actually came up with the answer.  If you are right your brain knows the path it took to get the answer was the right one and reinforces it as the way to go in the future.  If you were wrong, your brain looks for a different path so that it can get the right answer next time.


Finally, there’s the repetition factor.  Anything you repeat to your brain with enough frequency translates to being something important to remember and recall with ease.  Flashcards are an easy, structured way to repeat information that you want your brain trained to understand is important.  With enough repetition, recall becomes simple.


What subjects are you training your brain to recall with ease?  Start building your flashcards online today at CoolFlashcards.com.

Happy studying!

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