Study Tip : Avoid Cramming!

Midnight study sessions may seem like the only solution when it comes to exam time and you don’t feel confident in the time you’ve spent preparing for the material on the test.  The truth is, cramming can leave you worse off after you’re done than before you started.

Depriving yourself of sleep, pumping yourself full of caffeine, and jumbling multiple subjects together at once is a recipe for failure.  You’re going to be tired during the exam, low energy from the poor diet you’ve been maintaining and confused about which material is which for the exam you’re sitting for.

Avoiding cramming is best done from the first day of class then the week before finals.  Be strategic about it.  Get a wall calendar and block out your commitments for the weeks of the class all the way through finals.  This six month, reusable, dry erase calendar on Amazon is less than $40 and will serve you throughout your academic career.

Find the open spots in your calendar.  Designate study times to each subject.  For those subjects you know you will need more time on, designate more spots.  STAY COMMITTED!  Nothing short of a life threatening emergency should cause you to break one of these commitments.

You don’t need massive amounts of willpower.  You just need enough willpower to lay out a plan at the beginning and keep the commitments you make to it as you go.  You will be amazed at how successful this makes you down the road.

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