Study Tip : Organize for Success!

The biggest threat to a successful study session is distraction.  The biggest source of distraction is self sabotage.  Usually this happens unintentionally but it happens frequently.

Imagine this scenario…

You sit down at your desk, table, recliner, porch swing, etc. ready for a great session of study when you realize you’re thirsty.  You get up, grab your go to beverage, and head back to your spot.  Your stomach growls.

Back to the kitchen, pantry, convenience store to grab a snack.  Now you’re ready, until you realize your pencil needs sharpening/your pen is out of ink.

The parade continues as you realize you don’t have your note cards, you need your notes from class, you forgot which chapter was assigned reading, etc., etc. on and on.

By the time all of the distractions stop you’re out of time to study.  You don’t have success by battling these distractions in the moment.  You win this war by planning in advance.  Set up your study space so that everything you could possibly need is within arms reach.  Get a cooler or mini-fridge for drinks and stock it up as part of your daily routine.

Keep a supply of pencils, pens, paper, rulers, calculator and every other tool you could need to study in a drawer, box or bin ready to go in your study area.  Have a pencil sharpener where you can reach it.

When you are done with a study session follow it immediately with a re-stocking session.  Never leave re-stocking until your next study session, it will eat your time up and you won’t be successful.

Success at studying means having a strategy and sticking to it.  Plan your battle and you will find it much easier to win.

Happy studying!

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