Smile, Laugh or Cry? Which response does your writing receive?

Which of these responses are typical when your professor or teacher sees your paper on their desk?  You hope that your writing will bring a smile to their face, the reading of your paper being the highlight of their day, week, semester…

Are you confident that is the case?

If not, I’ve found three books that are perfect for boosting your writing.  Take the opportunity this summer to read them and apply their teaching to your writing.  By fall you will have made a very positive improvement.

Strunk and White’s Elements of Style
For generations, Strunk and White have been the go to resource for authors and journalists.  The guidance this book provides has been refined edition after edition to help keep pace with modern style.  This guide serves well as both instruction and reference.  The modern author should keep their copy close at hand.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves : The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation
Violate the laws of punctuation and the pandas will be perturbed.  This book treats the often dry subject of grammar with an entertaining twist.  It even comes with a helpful Punctuation Correction Kit that your inner editor will be dying to put to good use.  You’ve never had this much fun studying semicolons and commas; guaranteed.

On Writing: A Memior of the Craft by Stephen King
Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of modern times.  His writing is accessible, entertaining and profitable.  In this book he lays out his theory and practice on writing.  Any writer that that seeks to improve their craft would be well advised to read this book and take heed to King’s advice.

Don’t delay.  Get to work improving your writing now!  Too many tears have been shed over shoddy writing and imperfect prose.  Make the world a better place.  Improve your writing and make the world a happier place for professors, teachers and editors.

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