Study Tip : Organize for Success!

The biggest threat to a successful study session is distraction.  The biggest source of distraction is self sabotage.  Usually this happens unintentionally but it happens frequently. Imagine this scenario… You sit down at your desk, table, recliner, porch swing, etc. ready for a great session of study when you realize you’re thirsty.  You get up, Read more about Study Tip : Organize for Success![…]

Book Review

Get Organized, Stay Organized. Book Review of “Getting Things Done”.

One of the biggest challenges to students and professionals everywhere is finding the time to study. There are always multiple interests competing for your time, energy and focus. The key to being effective is creating an organizational system that you can “Set and forget”. . David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, teaches you how to Read more about Get Organized, Stay Organized. Book Review of “Getting Things Done”.[…]