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How to Setup a Flashcard Deck to Study Any Subject

The first step to setting up a deck of flashcards to study is extracting the information you want to learn from reading material and lecture notes. Typically, the information you want to target falls in three categories: Vocabulary, Key Facts and Formulas/Processes.  Different subjects will weigh more heavily towards each of these categories.  History and Read more about How to Setup a Flashcard Deck to Study Any Subject[…]

Book Review

Get Organized, Stay Organized. Book Review of “Getting Things Done”.

One of the biggest challenges to students and professionals everywhere is finding the time to study. There are always multiple interests competing for your time, energy and focus. The key to being effective is creating an organizational system that you can “Set and forget”. . David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, teaches you how to Read more about Get Organized, Stay Organized. Book Review of “Getting Things Done”.[…]

Super Human Memory

Want super human memory? Flashcards baby!

If you’re a user of or a user of traditional flashcards you already know just how effective they can be.  But do you know why?  Why are flashcards so effective in helping you remember all the facts and figures you need to recall to pass your upcoming quiz/text/exam? This post, The Top 3 Reasons Read more about Want super human memory? Flashcards baby![…]

multiplication flashcards

Multiplication Flashcards

Learning multiplication facts is a keystone in the math education of every student.  Parents, teachers and students all want to find an easy way to commit multiplication tables to memory.  Once this foundation of knowledge has been established students can easily move on to more advanced topics in mathematics. Flashcards have been demonstrated as effective Read more about Multiplication Flashcards[…]

Back to School Tips Round-Up

Back to School Tips Round-Up For Parents Back-to-School Tips for Parents 101 Back-to-School Tips for Kids and Parents 8 Essential Back-to-School Tips for Parents Back to School: Start Smart! Get in Gear for the New School Year: Back-to-School Tips for Parents For Students 8 Back To School Tips Every Student Should Know Back-to-School Study Tips Read more about Back to School Tips Round-Up[…]

All New Flashcards for free!

Welcome to 2016 everyone! The new year brings a new batch of courses, classes, quizzes and tests. The community here has been hard at work making free flashcards on a plethora of new topics. Here are some of the newest additions: Classroom Objects in French by chocolatelover11 Spanish Words by leaphart Properties of Matter by Read more about All New Flashcards for free![…]