PMP Brain Dump

PMP Brain Dump

PMP Brain Dump

When I was studying to take my PMP certification exam I made use of numerous resources. I distilled all of the information I ready into a PMP Brain Dump collection of flashcards. Those cards are now available to you in electronic format as a Chrome Extension.

Having these cards plugged right in to your browser makes it simple to pop open a window and study whenever you have a few free minutes. I reviewed these cards three times a day when I was studying for my certification exam.

PMP Processes Brain Dump

These flashcards cover all of the project management practices you need to learn to pass your exam. I cover each process from Project Initiation through Project Closure.

PMP Knowledge Areas

Make sure you understand all ten knowledge areas of the PMBoK. These cards dive into each one.

Project Management Definitions

Learn the lexicon of project management for PMP certification. My flashcards define the terms that you need to know to succeed on the exam.

Knowing the definitions cold allows you to answer not only basic terminology questions but also ensures you understand the vocabulary used in more involved questions.

PMP Formulas Brain Dump

If you know the formulas of project management cold, you will do well on the exam. My flashcards cover the critical formulas that you will need to know as well as how to put them to use.

With them, you will be well prepared for case study questions that test how well you put your knowledge to use.

Project Manager Responsibilities

You must know what a project manager does and does not do. If you do not respond to questions of responsibility with the answers the PMI expects of a project manager you will struggle on the exam.

Know what is expected of you as a Project Manager!

Start Studying for your PMP Exam today!

Make the most of my PMP Brain Dump. Use the digital version of my PMP flashcards to study and achieve certification as a project management professional.

Still not sure? Try my Project Management Certification Flashcards for Free!

I’ve created a free trial in the Chrome Web Store to let you test out the cards and see if they work for you BEFORE you spend any money.

What are you waiting for? Go study!

PS – What else would you like to study?

If you have flashcard topic suggestions follow the link over to my suggestions page and let me know what you would like to see.

I’m always looking to add more subjects to the Flashcard collection. I’d love to hear your ideas.


— Nat

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